High Performance Stain Resistant Elastomeric Exterior Wall Coating


  • 25 kg.


  • Blueriver, Cornsilk, Lightcream, Quicksilver, Ivory
  • Peach, Hint of cream, Autumn leaf, Cotton lace, White


Dr. Fixit Beauflex 500 is eco-friendly water based self- cross linked elastomeric acrylic protective paint coating offering excellent dirt pick-up resistance, waterproofing and crack-bridging capabilities.

Dr. Fixit Beauflex 500 is highly durable against ultra-violet (UV) radiation offering long-lasting color fastness and flexibility and provides at least 5 years protection against algae and fungus growth
Standard reference ; TIS 272-2549 (Industry standard emulsion paint for general use)

Area of Application

  • New or previously painted (non-waterproof) walls and porous texture coatings
  • Concrete block, brick, masonry, fibrous cement sheet and timber


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