Non-shrinking grout for filling gaps to secure sewer & sanitary ware pipes

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Dr.Fixit Bath Seal Grout is a high performance grout, easy to mix just mix with water and stir by hand. Free flowing does not shrink and does not segregate. Suitable for sewer pipes, sanitary ware pipes, filling gaps, foundation grout for supporting structures such as columns & concrete rebar reinforce walls.
Dr.Fixit Bath Seal Grout is non-shrinking grout compose of high quality special cement, selective additives & synthetic polymer.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to mix, add 1 ltr water to Dr.Fixit Bath Seal Grout
  • Can be hand stir, free flowing, no segregation
  • Non-Shrinking, no cracks
  • Reduce gaps & cavities issues, easy to pour into formwork
  • Chloride free, free of any other rust causing chemicals

Area of Application

  • Pour grout to fill pores around sewer & sanitary ware pipes
  • Grouting supporting structure foundations such as columns & concrete rebar
    reinforce walls
  • Injection grouting for small structure repairs
  • Concrete metal nut or fasteners


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