For sealant size 300 ml. and 600 ml.


  • 1 Machine


  • Not Specify


  • Battery Caulking Gun Set for caulking 600ml sealant of polyurethane, acrylic, silicone
  • Easy, quiet and quick to use, saves labour cost and labour time
  • Can caulk 12 sealant sausage per hour or caulk 294mm per minute maximum length caulk
  • 12 volt lithium-ion battery last 3-4 hours without charging
  • All set pack in good strong plastic suitcase

Area of Application

Caulking battery gun application

  1. Finish assembling battery caulking gun prior to caulking it in joints
  2. Press the Power Trigger on battery caulking gun to start caulking
  3. Release Power Trigger to stop caulking
  4. Turn Speed Control Disk to adjust caulking speed
  5. 1 Li-ion battery charges for 3 to 4 hiurs,can work 6-8 hours.


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