Bentonite Base Hydrophilic Water Stop

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Dr. Fixit Bentonite Water stop is a bentonite based water stop designed to stop water infiltration through cast in place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete. Dr. Fixit Bentonite Water stop provides superior expansion to seal and fill voids and cracks in the concrete.

Area of Application

  • Concrete Floor Slabs in Large Structures.
  • Water tanks, swimming pools and sump tanks.
  • Water treatment plants and sewerage treatment plants.
  • Basement and Underground structure
  • Construction Joint
  • Tunnels and Dams.
  • Around puddle flanges and Pipe penetrations.
  • Box culverts and concrete irrigation channels
  • Application on Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections.


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