Two Component Coal Tar Epoxy Coating For Concrete Surfaces

PACKING: 4.5 L, 17.5 L

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DR.Fixit Coal tar Epoxy 82 is two part coal tar epoxy based coating, composed of best quality dehydrated coal tar, liquid epoxy resins and curing agent, properly selected & graded inert fillers, additives and solvent. It is used as an anti-corrosive & protective coating for concrete as well as steel structure because it has excellent chemical resistance properties in atmosphere or in contact with chemical solutions such as effluents, sewage, salty water and organic / inorganic acids & alkalis. It is suitable for structures in submerged conditions like pipelines, foundations, tanks, sewage works, effluent plants, docks, harbor installations, etc.

Area of Application

Corrosion resistant coating for concrete and metal structures such as
  •  Sewage works
  •  Effluent plants
  •  Dock and harbor installations
  •  Tanks
  •  Cooling towers
  •  Foundations above ground or in submerged conditions
  •  Protection to surfaces exposed to tidal action


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