Polymer modified Lithium Silicate concrete treatment that blocks moisture

Immediately wash equipment and tools with water after application.

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Dr.Fixit Denzi Block helps prevent blistering, peeling of water proofing, paints, and other coatings
that result from rising water /vapor. It also helps preventing “popping” ceramic tiles and parquet.

Dr.Fixit Denzi Block is a polymer modified lithium silicate concrete primer and surface
conditioner. It fills concrete pores with and stops capillary action that brings water and
efflorescence to concrete surface.

Dr.Fixit Denzi Block also reduces the risk of alkaline silicate reactions (ASR).

Area of Application

As primer and surface conditioner before applying:

  • Paints, Water Proofing, Coatings

On concrete:

  • Walls, floor, reinforced concrete water tank, lift Well, concrete foundation, retaining wall,
    underground structure, basement, roof, and terrace.


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