Benzene 95 powered hydraulic airless sprayer system


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Benzene 95 powered hydraulic airless sprayer system, is a high horse power sprayer, power with Honda motor with a maximum speed of 12Ltr/minute with 228bar maximum pressure. Can spray both high vicious and 100% solid content materials, such as acrylic paint, epoxy paint, bitumen waterproof membrane, acrylic waterproof membrane, polyurethane mix with fibre waterproof membrane, special polymer with no sanding mix in for skim coating. Airless sprayer can be fitted to various size nozzles, spray gun, hose and air compressor. Suitable for large area application and roof terrace, metal sheet roofing, roof tile, cargo shipping container, road barrier, structure foundation.

Area of Application


  • Large interior wall surfaces requiring a high level of productivity and surfaces
    coverage power: e.g. Primers, latex paints, emulsions and all other water
    diluted and solvent based materials
  • Applications of fillers (airless spray fillers)
  • Flame proofing / fireproofing, putty / plaster, gypsum


  • Exterior wall surfaces
  • Roof coatings
  • Thick coating materials
  • Bituminous paints
  • Corrosion proofing
  • Inorganic zinc and micaceous iron paints basement sealants


  • Fabric and other adhesives
  • Epoxy paint
  • Polyurethane paint


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