Hand-applied Dewatering Asphalt Sealant Plug

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Dr. Fixit Easi – Seal is hand applied dewatering asphalt sealant plug use for sealing joint, cracks, to prevent the passage of water / moisture and also use for plugging / stopping where the leakage is a problem.

Dr. Fixit Easi – Seal is composed of a special dewatering agent which is not harmful, asphalt, and fillers.

Dr. Fixit Easi – Seal is applied by hand by rolling it to small rod shape and press Dr. Fixit Easi – Seal by thumb to joints, cracks, or gaps of extension roof and wall, parapet or even plug Dr. Fixit Easi -Seal underwater by pressing Dr. Fixit Easi – Seal to cracks area for 2-3 minutes until the reactive of dewatering agent has bonded to the cracks area.

Area of Application

  • Area that need to prevent the passage of water / moisture
  • Concrete joint sealant for concrete road
  • Joint or gap between roof & wall, parapet
  • Roof cracks, spalling area
  • Concrete canal, dam, reservoir, etc.
  • Stop the leakage
  • Bund wall, (concrete block, wood to prevent from flooding)
  • Jar, basket, leak of concrete reservoir


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