Epoxy grouting for holding metal piece and rendering concrete

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Dr.Fixit Epoxy Rebar Grout is an epoxy grout with high viscosity and consists of two components. One component is high viscosity solvent free Epoxy resin with fillers and the other component is Epoxy hardener. It is used to hold materials or as mortar for repairing job. After mixing part A and Part B, the mixture has high viscosity like paste, easy to use and the film will not be sagging.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used with dry area and moist area.
  • No shrinking when drying and hardening.
  • Excellent compatible and adhesion with concrete and other materials such as iron-metal, tiles,
    Aluminum and wood.
  • Very hard surface and resistance to abrasion.

Area of Application

  • Use for holding iron metal piece in place.
  • Use for concrete joint.
  • Use for repairing concrete.
  • Use for sealing any hole in concrete structure.