Two Part Cementitious Polymer Modified Waterproof

Packing. 22.5 kg./set (Liquid + Powder)

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Dr. Fixit Fastbond is a proprietary polymer-modified cementitious waterproofing membrane coating specially formulated for Concrete and Masonry Surface which is supplied in ready mix kits (2 parts) When the dry part is mixed with proprietary acrylic-modified emulsion and applied according to direction, the cured

Dr. Fixit Fastbond will become a tough, flexible and seamless waterproof membrane and acts as an excellent water barrier to Concrete and Masonry Surface.

Area of Application

  • Concrete foundations, basements wall and lift pits.
  • Swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs.
  • Concealed roofs, parking decks, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, balconies and planters.
  • Any other concrete, cement or masonry surface subject to damage from moisture.


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