Tile Adhesive for Tile On Tile Application and Waterproofing

PACKING: 25 kg.

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Dr.Fixit Fevimate TL is composed of ordinary portland cement properly selected & graded aggregates,
polymer, rheology modifier & additives. It is used for fixing of ceramic tiles, glaze tiles, natural stones,
etc. internally & externally over walls & floors with an added application of tile on tile because it gives

excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like, concrete, plaster, etc.

It forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent ‘grab’ properties of tiles to the substrate. It is specially designed for heavy-duty tile applications like granite, mosaic on internal/external vertical surfaces. Highly flexible adhesive also has an excellent waterproofing ability.

Dr.Fixit Fevimate TL meets the requirement of Ansi-118.4-2012.

Area of Application

Can be laid on the surface of various kinds, such as plywood board Viva original tiles. Polished tiles etc. For heavy duty vertical cladding like,
  •  Natural stones on garage, garden.
  •  Large format tiles on internal/external applications.
  •  Swimming pool tile fixing.