Self Adhesive Bituminous Strip with Aluminium Foil Finish


  • 10 Cm. x 1 M.
  • 10 Cm. x 3 M.
  • 20 Cm. x 3 M.
  • 30 Cm. x 3 M.
  • 30 Cm. x 10 M.


  • Black


DR.Fixit Gap Seal Tape is a self adhesive waterproofing strip, modified bitumen rubber, high elastomeric, tensile strength, weather and UV resistance for sealing crack, joint for waterproofing.

DR.Fixit Gap Seal Tape is excellent bond to multi substrate, concrete, tile, metal etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent waterproofing property
  • Easy to use, self adhesive
  • Excellent bond to multi substrate
  • High Elastomeric, Tensile strength
  • Resistance and reflect to UV
  • Economically

Area of Application

  • Sealing leakage crack
  •  Excellent bond to Metal, Roof Tile, Concrete etc.
  •  Sealing leakage joint.