For concrete road and bridge joints


  • S40L


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  • Dual joint oil-jacketed tank melter, hot oil system, located between tanks, has capacity to melt 40 kg bitumen hot joint sealant.
  • Thermometer for checking temperature of both hot joint sealant and hot oil jacketed
    pipe, this allow to monitor hot oil to not exceed 240 °C and monitor hot joint sealant not
    to exceed 180 °C.
  • Stir handle helps stir hot joint in all angles, helps for faster joint sealant melting process.
  • Can use LPG cooking gas with melted for melting joint sealant.
  • Apply hot joint sealants in concrete road, oil resistant pavement in parking lot, airport
    and petrol station.

Method of Application

Dr.Fixit Hot Joint Applicator Preparation

  1. Check hot oil level in oil-jacketed pipe. Fill up more if level is too low.
  2. Check for blockage and cleanness of joint pour pipe and joint pour lid, must be free
    of all materials.
  3. Connect gas hose between gas tank and dual joint-oil jacketed tank melter.
  4. Turn on gas valve and adjust pressure to 5 kg/cm2. Check LP Gas gauge to see if there is enough LP gas.
  5. Feed gas into Dual Joint Oil-Jacketed Tank Melter, search hose and gas tank for LP
    gas leak, search for loud gas pressure sound and LP gas odor.

Method of Application

  1. Turn on gas valve to feed LP gas into gas kettle.
  2. Adjusting gas valve to adjust gas temperature.
  3. Cut bitumen hot joint sealant to smaller pieces for faster melting process. Recommend 2 to 3 cartons bitumen joint sealant for application. (1 carton: 15 kg)
  4. Melt bitumen hot joint sealant until reaching suitable temperature. Joint Sealant suitable temperature is between, 160°C to 180 °C. Turn off LP gas valve.
  5. Turn open joint pour flame valve to heat joint pour pipe for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Align joint pour pipe of melter to joint pour area.
  7. Turn open joint pour lid valve to pour hot joint sealant onto clean joint gap.
  8. Fill up clean joint gap with melted hot joint sealant.
  9. Should pour all melted hot joint sealant and not keep any hot joint sealant left because when hot joint sealant was dried, it will block into joint pour pipe and joint pour lid.
  10. During melted hot joint sealant do not touch it by hand its.
  11. After application turn LP gas valve off. Remove LP gas tank from melter for safety


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