Heat Reflective Waterproof Polyurethane Acrylic Hybrid Elastomer


  • 25 kg.


  • Grey, White


Dr.Fixit Hydrolastic PU Cool is a high technological high concentrated water-based polyurethane acrylic hybrid elastomer. Dries to form rubberlike properties, features high elasticity, reduce shrinkage, suitable for high strength application requirements. Weather resistance, solar reflectance, UV resistance, easy to use, quick drying, does not need fibre reinforcement, reduce labour time, seamless, seals joint, prevent water penetrating surface by 100%. Has excellent adhesion to exterior area such as metal sheet, roof tile, wall, floor, roof terrace.

Area of Application

  •  Waterproof & Solar Reflectance on High Traffic & High Strength Areas, Cold Room, Rack Server, Roof Terrace, Exterior Wall, Gutter
  • UV & Solar Reluctance on Exterior Wall for Energy Saving
  • Concrete, Brick, Tile, Roof Tile, Metal, Wood, ect.


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