Elastic Acrylic Copolymer Waterproofing Membrane


  • 25 kg.


  • Light Grey, Dark Grey, Green
  • Black, Dark Green


Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic R is a high solids content, high polymer content, single component, UV curing, acrylic elastomeric copolymer waterproof coating for roofs, dries to form an elastomeric membrane.

Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic R is highly durable waterproofing coating having excellent resistance to UV, alkaline and efflorescence properties. It is breathable that allows trapped water vapour to escape from the roof.

Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic R can also reduce heat built – up on roof by reflecting some harmful ultra violet (UV), visible, and infrared radiations. Hence, the roof is cooler and the heat transfer into the building is less.

Area of Application

  •  Light – Foot traffic RC roof.
  •  Concrete or Steel Gutter.
  •  Metal Sheet Roof.


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