Elastic Acrylic Copolymer Waterproofing Membrane

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Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic RF is a high solids content, high polymer content, single component, UV curing, acrylic elastomeric copolymer waterproof coating for roofs, dries to form an elastomeric membrane

Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic RF is highly durable waterproofing coating having excellent resistance to UV, alkaline and efflorescence properties. It is breathable that allows trapped water vapour to escape from the roof.

Dr. Fixit Hydrolastic RF can also reduce heat built – up on roof by reflecting some harmful ultra violet (UV), visible, and infrared radiations. Hence, the roof is cooler and the heat transfer into the building is less.

Area of Application

  • Light – Foot traffic RC roof
  • Concrete or Steel Gutter
  • Metal Sheet Roof


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