High Performance Construction MS Polymer Sealant

PACKING: 300 ml cartridge
COLOR: White, Grey

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Dr. Fixit MS 25 Sealant is used to fill and seal construction gaps. Sealing keeps home safe from water, dirt, dust, insects, vermin, pathogen vectors, and energy leaks.

Dr. Fixit MS 25 Sealant strongly adheres to wide variety of surfaces. And it can be paint over. It is excellent for use on adjoining of different construction materials, construction gaps, or cracks repair. Both exterior and interior.

Dr. Fixit MS 25 Sealant is based on new technology and is free from cancer causing isocyanate.

Reference Standard: ISO 37 Type F – Classification 25 LM

Area of Application

  • Sealing of expansion and construction joints as well as joints between different construction materials in high-rise buildings, basements and Floorings etc.
  • Sealing joints in between precast concrete panels. Sealing Joints in between bricks, tiles, fiber board, wood, aluminum, steel, glass, natural stone, and marble etc.
  • Sealing joints of metal container finishing.


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