Polymer admixture for concrete coating


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Dr.Fixit P-Kote 1062 is an acrylic polymer silicone admixture. Mix with clean water and cement for application. Apply in both old and new concrete surface, porous surface.

Dr.Fixit P-Kote 1062 passed DIN EN1062 Part 6 Anti-Carbonation test. Apply as a bonding agent for both new and old concrete. Repair pours surface. Resistant to abrasion, acid rain, car exhaust fumes. Leave a smooth surface, free of dust, stain, algae, fungus. Easy to remove stain, durable, long lasting because when dry forms a transplant coating due to its polymer properties.

Area of Application

  • New or old concrete coating, porous surface
  •  Repair coating on bridge, fence, footpath, column


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