2 Component Epoxy for Concrete and Steel Coating


  • 4.5 ltr (6.3 kg) Set, Part A 3.6 ltr, Part B 0.9 ltr
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Dr.Fixit Pidiguard 82 is 100% solid epoxy. It protects concrete and steel structure from corrosion by chemical and rust. Dr.Fixit Pidiguard 82 have excellent applicability such as strong adhesion, hardness, viscosity, expansion and contraction, excellent chemical resistant to sea water and oil even in high contraction of chemicals, sewage, salt water, organic acid, inorganic acid, alkali. It meet TIS 691 coating standard.

Dr.Fixit Pidiguard 82 is easy to use and primer not needed. It is strong, withstand heavy use, long lasting, scratch and abrasion resistant, non-toxic substances and environmental friendly.

Area of Application

Corrosive protective coating for concrete and steel structures

  •  Exterior and Interior Coating for underground and submerged structures
  • Protect surface structure from tide and wave actions
  • Sewage Works.
  • Domestic, potable, drinking water.
  • Sea water.
  • Industrial Chemical Factory Drain System
  • Dock and Harbour Installations
  • Cooling Towers


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