Polymer modified Lithium Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener.

PACKING: 20 Liters.
COLOR: Clear

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Dr. Fixit Piditop Lithium is a liquid applied floor hardener. It works by filling concrete natural pores with hard silicate crystals. As concrete floor become dense instead of porous, water and other contaminants are blocked. Concrete surface can be clean easily.

Dr. Fixit Piditop Lithium penetrates up to 1 cm deep on bare new and old concrete mix. Lithium silicate is safer for long term concrete life. And specially designed polymer is used to as curing aid. Depending on the requirement, concrete can be finished for safe texture or highly polished to ease cleaning. Colors are also available to help with uniform aesthetic design.

Area of Application

  • Hygienic Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Factory Floor
  • Car parks


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