Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin


  • 0.07 mm 1.2 x 300 m
  • 0.08 mm 3.5 x 120 m
  • 0.25 mm 2 x 100 m


  • Not Specify


Dr.Fixit Plastic SheetResin is a linear low density polyethylene with butene comonomers, with low content of slip and antiblock. This grade offers the excellent machinability on conversion lines. Films extruded from Dr.Fixit Plastic Sheet have high tensile strength, elongation, good toughness and outstanding puncture strength. It is available for tubular blown film processing.

Area of Application

  • Lay on ground prior to pouring concrete to act as water barrier to prevent water in concrete being drain into ground
  • Protect from ground moisture and ground salt
  • Concrete column curing with clear plastic sheet cover