Rubber to Cement Adhesive Epoxy
PACKING: Set 4.5 Kg Set comprises of 3 kg part A and 1.5 kg part B
Color: Clear Brown

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Dr Fixit Profix RCA is a two-components epoxy adhesive with resin part and hardener part.
It is especially designed for strong bonding between of rubber to concrete. Adhesion on concrete is
excellent for both natural and synthetic rubber. And pot life is extended to better facilitate field

Area of Application

  • Installation of rubber pad to concrete support bearing, concrete corbel and pile caps on bridges,
    elevated highways, rail ways.
  • Installation of Rubber Fender barrier to concrete barrier.
  • Adhesive for various rubber sheets both natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
  • Adhesives for various types of natural stone such as marble, granite, as well as clay tiles, artificial
    stones, and ceramic tiles, Mosaic, gypsum board, wood, plywood, cement, etc.