Two parts, low viscosity epoxy injection grout
Packing : 5, 25 kg./pail

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Dr. Fixit Skimkote 101 is designed for application in concrete surface, cement block or render surfaces for a smooth and even surface for painting or exposed surface, by mixing with Portland cement or Gypsum for use as a skimcoat.

Dr. Fixit Skimkote 101 is specially formulated for the painter to repair surface defect such as bubbles, grooves, seams and touch up interior and exterior surfaces, both old and new. It is easy to mix by hand does not flake off and has high adhesion.

Area of Application

  • Interior / Exterior use.
  • Sand/cement render.
  • Pre-cast concrete.
  • Reinforced Concrete.
  • All cementitious substrate.
  • Gypsum (only when mix with Gypsum & Interior only)


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