High Gloss Water and Oil Repellent


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Dr. Fixit Solyfilm No.1 is a powerful waterproofing and oil proofing agent. Provides long-lasting protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces against water, oil, grease and pollution.

Dr. Fixit Solyfilm No.1 does not modify the initial appearance of the substrate and does not affect gas and steam permeability. By providing such protection, facilitates the removal of graffiti and other general stains. It remains effective after several washing cycles and is UV-resistant.

Area of Application

Dr. Fixit Solyfilm No.1 is particularly well-suited for the treatment of porous substrates such as:

  • Slabs and paving stones.
  • Roof-tiles, brickwork, terracotta tiles.
  • Natural or reconstituted stone, marble, earthenware.
  • Joints between stone, brickwork, tiles.
  • Concrete, deactivated and architectural concrete (urban furniture).
  • Mortar, facade coatings, Monuments, Plaster.


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