A Cold – Applied Rubberised Bituminous Joint Sealer / Adhesive

Packing:  Cartridges of 310ml, 3.5 KG, 20 KG

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Dr. Fixit Solyflex 650 is a cold applied joint sealant / adhesive. It is composed of special type of bitumen, polymer resins, additives etc. It is applied cold and will adhere to concrete, wood, metal, insulation panel’s plastic and bituminous sheet membrane. It has high resistance to flow hence, suitable for both vertical and horizontal application. It can be used effectively even on damp surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be applied on damp surface.
  • Suitable for Vertical or Slope Application.
  • Good Adhesion to Concrete, Metal, Wood, Others Construction Material.
  • Excellence Sealing & Stopping water leakage.

Area of Application

As joint sealants, crack and leak sealing

  • Sealing vertical, slope and horizontal joints of concrete, wood, metal etc.
  • Crack & Leak sealing for concrete, metal, wood roof, wall etc.
  • Adhesive for waterproofing sheet membrane on concrete, metal, wood etc.
  • Adhesive for Insulation sheet / panel, roll with concrete, metal, wood etc.


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