Cold Plastic Traffic Anti-Skid Paint Set


  • Part A 16Kg Part B 160g Part C 16Kg


  • Red, White, Yellow, Black, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Gray


Dr.Fixit TraxTite Anti-Skid Set is a cold plastic traffic anti-skid paint set roll or screed on surface
of path. Apply for reduce skidding accident particular from path becoming slippery from rain. Areas
of applications include curve, crossroad, slope and overpass; apply on both old/new concrete &
asphaltic surfaces.
Dr.Fixit TraxTite Anti-Skid Set is a cold plastic viscous material make from the following three
Part A Resin consist of Methyl Methacrylate Resin (MMA) & other ingredients such as pigment,
glass beads.
Part B Hardener consists of peroxide ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide & other peroxides.
Part C Fine Aggregate comes in 1-3mm grain size, is ingredient for mixing with cold plastic. Apply
by mixing thoroughly with parts prior to application or sprinkle during application. Sprinkle
amount at least 30% of Dr.Fixit TraxTite Anti-Skid Set total product parts weight apply.

Features & Benefits

  • Cold Plastic Paint manufacture at TIS.2611 road marking standards.
  • Cure fast, can immediately open to traffic 7 to 15 minutes.
  • Binders can adhere consistently well with fine aggregate.
  • Consistent colour, sunlight resistant, paint will not peel off, alkaline resistant.
  • Skid resistance meeting EN 1436 Road Marking Materials – Road marking performance for
    road users’ standards.
  • Abrasion resistant meeting EN 13197 Road Marking Materials – Wear simulator turntable
  • Resistant to oil stains & chemicals, can adhere well to concrete & bitumen (Asphaltic
    concrete) surfaces.

Area of Application

  • High prone traffic accident areas with can easily get slippery such as downslope, curve,
    crossroad, zebra crossing, bridge’s curve ramp, motorway, train crossing.