Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint Set

  • PACKING : Part A 16Kg Part B 160g 
    COLOR :
    Red, Orange
  • PACKING : Part A 4Kg Part B 40g
    COLOR :
  • PACKING : Part A 20Kg Part B 200g
    COLOR :


Dr.Fixit TraxTite is a cold plastic for road marking paint apply by spray, roll or screed on surface such as concrete or asphaltic surfaces.
Dr.Fixit TraxTite is a cold plastic viscous material make from the following two components;
Part A Main ingredients consist of MMA aka Methyl Methacrylate Resin & other ingredients such
as powder colour glass beads.
Part B Hardener consists of peroxide ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide & other peroxides.
Reacts chemically, apply with suitable road marking equipment. For light reflection features mix or
sprinkle glass beads with Dr.Fixit TraxTite.

Features & Benefits

  • Cold Plastic Paint manufacture at TIS.2611 road marking standards.
  • Cures fast, can immediately open to traffic after 7 to 15 minutes curing of apply 2 part mix.
  • Consistent colour, sunlight resistant, paint will not peel off, alkaline resistant.
  • Skid resistance meeting EN 1436 Road Marking Materials – Road marking performance for
    road users standards.
  • Abrasion resistant meeting EN 13197 Road Marking Materials – Wear simulator turntable
  • Resistant to oil stains & chemicals, can adhere well to concrete & bitumen (Asphaltic
    concrete) surfaces.

Area of Application

  • Road marking paint for bike lane, motorcycle lane, disable parking, lady only parking.
  • Road marking paint for road traffic symbols such as arrows & warning symbols.


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