Solvent – based Mould release Agent

PACKING: 20 L., 200 L.



Dr. Fixit UniRelease WB is composed of chemically active releasing compound, hydrocarbons, water & additives. It is used as a shutter / mould release agent prior to casting / pouring of concrete because it ensures a smooth and a uniform finish, helps easy removal of shuttering & also shuttering can be used again for casting of fresh concrete.

Features & Benefits

  • De-moulding – Dr. Fixit UniRelease WB reacts with cement to impart excellent release properties to
    treated surfaces.
  • Surface finish – Provides excellent smooth, hard & uniform finish to concrete.
  • Subsequent finishing – No negative effect on the properties of concrete nor will it impair the
    adhesion of subsequent surface treatments, when applied at the recommended coverage rates.
  • Ease of application – It is easy to dilute with water at site & can be applied by brush even by
    unskilled labour.

Area of Application

Dr. Fixit UniRelease WB is used as a mould-releasing agent on any formwork such as:

  • Plywood
  • Metal- steel
  • Plastic
  • Concrete


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