Non-shrink High strength Cementitious Mortar


  • 25 kg.


  • Grey


Dr. Fixit UniRepair FC is a specially formulated, non-shrink, fibre-reinforced high strength cementitious mortar. It is composed of high quality cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, fibres & additives.

Dr. Fixit UniRepair FC is suitable for a wide range of concrete and masonry especially in vertical and overhead locations because it is shrinkage compensating, high strength reinforced mortar with excellent
bonding properties, has low permeability to chloride ion penetration & CO2 diffusion

Area of Application

  • Repair of damaged, debonded or weak concrete.
  • Replacement of spalled, chipped or cracked concrete.
  • The mortar is suitable where superior chloride and carbon dioxide resistance is required.
  • Repair of vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Heavy concrete structural repair works