Water-Based Traffic Paint for Road Marking

PACKING: 1 L, 3.785 L, 18.925 L
COLOR: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Dark Blue, Green

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Dr.Fixit Zefti Kwik is special premixed water-based acrylic traffic paint for road line & road
marking. Have retroreflective when mix glass beads on road surface.

Dr.Fixit Zefti Kwik is quick drying, quick to open to traffic, spray/brush application. Apply on
Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete (bitumen) and on pavement kerb (sidewalk curb).

Features & Benefits

  • Quick drying, open to traffic within 15 minutes
  • Dark colour shade, UV resistant, erosion resistant
  • Tyre (tire) resistant, stain resistant and prevent spalling
  • Adhere to various surfaces concrete, bitumen (asphaltic concrete), steel, metal
  • Water-Based, environmentally friendly, TIS2529-2555 certified

Area of Application

  • Brush/roll/spray on bitumen (asphaltic concrete), concrete, brick, bitumen mastic system, steel, metal surfaces
  • Road line & other road markings such as parking, stop sign road marking
  • Warehouse, factory safety line


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