Cold Plastic Traffic Surface Coating



Traxtite Anti-stain is a cold plastic (PMMA) with 1:1 mixing ratio used as coating for road and deck surface.  It is specially designed for long lasting aesthetic appearance in addition to high durability.  Traxtite Anti-stain can be applied both with dual component spray machine and hand tools.

Traxtite Anti-stain cures fast and can immediately open to traffic after an hour of application at tropical climate temperature.

Traxtite Anti-stain a cold plastic viscous material makes from the following four components;

  • Part A: consists of Methyl Methacrylate Resin (MMA).
  • Part B: also consist of Methyl Methacrylate Resin (MMA) that will react with part A after mixing procedure.
  • Part C: Initiator/Hardener consists of powder benzyl peroxide (BPO).
  • Part D: Aggregates of various size are available to adjust texture and surface friction performance for various safety and other requirements.

Area of Application

Traxtite Anti-stain is best used for are that color retention and attractive appearance is important such as landmark public traffic space, colored safety zone, signature landmark, color designated area, and traffic safety zones.